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Klaipeda–Palanga–Klaipeda–Priekule–Dreverna-Kintai-Vente–Silutė–Rusne–Uostadvaris–(by boat to Nida)–Nida–Preila–Pervalka–Juodkrante–Klaipeda (~215 km/135 miles in 7-days)

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Recommended cycling itinerary starting in the harbour city of Klaipeda and covering the whole land of three waters, including the Curonian Spit (Neringa Resort), Pamarys Region with Rusne Island and the Seaside Regional park with Palanga Resort:

Day 1: Arrival in Klaipeda, preparation for travel.
Overnight stay in Klaipėda.
Day 2: Klaipeda–Palanga–Klaipeda (~55 km/35 miles).
Bicycling to Palanga and back through Giruliai Forest and Seaside Regional Park. Overnight stay in Klaipėda.
Day 3: Klaipėda–Priekulė–Dreverna-Kintai-Ventė (~55 km/35 miles).
Bicycling through fishing villages of Pamarys Region. Overnight stay in Ventė.
Day 4: Vente–Kintai-Silute–Rusne–Uostadvaris–by boat to Nida (~50 km/30 miles).
Bicycling through Pamarys Meadows and Rusnė island; you should bear in mind that in spring these meadows are flooded. Crossing the Curonian Lagoon by boat from Uostadvaris harbour to Nida. Overnight stay in Nida.
Day 5: Nida.
A day of rest for swimming and sunbathing or going for a stroll around Nida and it’s surroundings. Overnight stay in Nida.
Day 6: Nida–Preila–Pervalka–Juodkrante–Klaipeda (approx. 55 km/35 miles).
Bicycling through the Curonian Spit on asphalt bike path and forest trail. Overnight stay in Klaipėda.
Day 7: travelling home from Klaipėda.


For a package of cycling tavel services, including bicycle rental, transfers, accommodation, catering, museums, tour guide, etc., contact local incoming tour operators based in Klaipeda City:

For more information on the Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route, its publications (cycling guide and map) and travel services for cyclists look at local tourism information centres (TIC) along the route in Klaipeda and the Curonian Spit:

For information on cycling and specialised services, like rental of quality trekking bicycles and tourist equipment, and delivery/collection services look at DU RATAI rent-a-bike website.