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Discover the Land of Three Waters!

Lithuanian Seaside welcomes you to a Seaside Cycle Route!

Breathtaking views of the colossal sand dunes on the Curonian Spit – one of the treasures of UNESCO‘s World Heritage List, relaxing blue flag beaches on the Baltic seashore, and more than 500 years of authentic culture and architecture – on a bicycle it‘s all within your reach!

Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route running through the captivating nature and impressive history of the past centuries, will definitely light up your adventurous spirit! A more than 200-kilometre length cycle route extends along three bodies of water - the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Lagoon and the Nemunas River. The highly developed route connects a variety of attraction sites at the Baltic seashore and the Curonian Lagoon.

The Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route consists of three different parts meeting in Klaipeda:

  • Klaipeda - Nida (~ 50 km / 30 miles along the Curonian Spit)
  • Klaipeda - Butinge (~ 50 km / 30 miles through the Seaside Regional Park and Palanga Resort);
  • Klaipeda - Rusne Island (~ 110 km / 70 miles through the Nemunas River Delta).

You may put them together in different way when planning your own cycle tour. Look for typical cycling itineraries and tour packages developed by travel agencies in the next pages and for the guidebook with detailed route descriptions and maps in scale M1:50 000. The guidebook is available from tourism information centres, travel agencies offering tour packages in the Lithuanian Seaside and DU RATAI bike rental centre in Klaipeda.

Look for the Lithuanian Seaside Route online on bikemap.net

Come and explore the land of three waters traveling along the Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route!

Preparation of this website and publishing of the Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route's information materials was funded by the European Union PHARE 2002 Programme, implementing a project “Marketing of the Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route and Publishing of a Cyclist’s Guide”.