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Klaipeda–Juodkrante–Pervalka–Preila–Nida (1-3 days tour, ~55 km/35 miles or 110 km/70 miles)

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Start your tour in the harbour city of Klaipėda which sprung up from the German-founded brick castle of Memelburg in the 13th century. Travel to the South along the coast and discover the National Park of the Curonian Spit. Explore its picturesque pine forests, secluded bays and magnificent sand dunes, more reminiscent of the Sahara than of Northern Europe! To quote a German writer and Nobel Laureate Thomas Mann, who spent the summers of 1930-1932 in Nida, „visiting the Curonian Spit is a must, the same as seeing Italy or Spain.“

You may choose your cycling route from 3 alternatives for return from Nida to Klaipeda:

  1. by bicycle Nida-Preila–Pervalka–Juodkrantė–Klaipeda (total ~110 km/70 miles);
  2. cruise by regular speed boat, BENAS, from Nida back to Klaipeda via Juodkrante (2 hours, total ~55 km/35 miles).
  3. by slow boat to the harbours of Sturmai or Minija (Minge) located in other side of the Curonian Lagoon and cycle back to Klaipeda via Kintai–Priekule (total ~110 km/70 miles);

Overnight stay in Juodkrante (1 night) and Nida (1 or 2 nights) when you choose the 1st or 3rd return route and Vente/Kintai (1 night) - 2nd route.

Sights on the Curonian Spit:
50 km sand beach, the Klaipėda Sea Museum and Dolphinarium in Smiltyne, the Hill of Witches and a colony of grey herons and cormorants in Juodkrante, the Dead Dunes near Pervalka, fishermen’s houses in the old town of Nida, the Great Dune of Parnidis, the Thomas Mann House and Museum, Mizgiris Amber Gallery and Museum, the Lutheran church in Nida, and the ancient Curonian cemetery.

Inland sights:
Ventes Ragas Ornithological Station and a 19th century lighthouse, Minija (Minge) Village – the Venice of Lithuania.


For a package of cycling tavel services, including bicycle rental, transfers, accommodation, catering, museums, tour guide, etc., contact local incoming tour operator based in Klaipeda City:

For more information on the Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route, its publications (cycling guide and map) and travel services for cyclists look at local tourism information centres (TIC) along the route in Klaipeda and the Curonian Spit:

For information on cycling and specialised services, like rental of quality trekking bicycles and tourist equipment, and delivery/collection services look at DU RATAI rent-a-bike website.