2008.02.20 – 2008.08.08





  1. At first you should check if you can apply for visas in your home country. If so – please proceed it there. Usually, it is less expensive and less trouble making to do it in your home country. So, please, do your best to arrange visas yourself. Nevertheless, we understand that in some cases it will be really difficult or even impossible.


  1. In case it is impossible to get an individual visa i.e. without an invitation from a citizen of the applied country or via tourist agency you can ask us for a help. What we can do is to apply for the group visas. The disadvantage is that you have to inform us about it really in advance (not at the last moment), the advantage – may be we will get a discount or even obtain visas for free.


Under these circumstances please mark the required visas in the registration form and then send your passport and other documents to:


CROTOS Travellers' Association
(Stowarzyszenie Podróżników CROTOS)

Box nr 39
Warsaw 84



Deadline: 2007.12.31. The set of required documents depends on the country you apply, so please make sure to receive a confirmation from us before sending.


  1. For example:


The citizens of Poland don't need visas to: Greece, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and the Turkish visa can be just bought at the border (10 Euro).


Also, a visa to China is free for Poles, but the applicant needs a confirmation letter from CROTOS or GMPR Lithuanian Fund on taking part in the expedition and a copy of return ticket. The visa is processed in 3 working days.


The Embassy

Bonifraterska st., 1

00-203 Warsaw


Tel. +48 22 8313836, Fax +48 22 6354211,

The Consular Department

Bonifraterska st., 1 (the entrace from Wałowa st.)

Tel. +48 22 8319129, 635 58 45, Fax +48 22 6354211,


  1. Azerbaijan


The Embassy in Warsaw

Zwycięzców st., 12
03-941 Warsaw
Tel. +48 22 616 21 88, +48 22 617 67 28, Fax +48 22 616 19 49,


To issue a visa for you the Embassy needs:

-         a letter in which we explain the goal of our expedition,

-         the list of participants,

-         a confirmation from the  organisation which will host us.


The validity of the visa will depend on the agreement we make with the authorities.

The cost is: 130 PLN (~36 EURO) per person.

Time in which visa is processed: 5-7 working days.

You should send to CROTOS:

-         passport,

-         2 photos 3,5 x 4,5cm,

-         filled in and signed visa application form


If you arrive to Azerbaijan by plane you can get a short-time visa at the H. Aliyeva Airport in Baku. You will need to fill in the application form and have one photo.



  1. Turkmenistan. There is not the Turkmenistan Embassy in Poland. We must apply for the visa via the nearest Turkmenistan Embassy – in Kiev (Ukraine), Pushkinskaya st., 6; tel.: 00380-44-2793779. The embassy needs a letter explaining the goal of our expedition and the list of participants.

The cost – 41 USD per person. Time of waiting for the visa: 3 working days.


  1. Uzbekistan.


The Embassy in Warsaw
Kraski st., 21

02-727 Warsaw


Tel. +48 22 894 62 30, Fax +48 22 894 62 31,


Info of visa is available also in Russian:


To proceed visa the embassy will need:

-         a letter in which we explain the goal of our expedition,

-         support letter from an organisation who will host us.


The cost – 25 USD per person and 20 USD per person for the group (more than 10 persons).

Time in which visa is processed: 2 weeks.

You should send to CROTOS:

-         copy of passport

-         2 photos 3,5 x 4,5cm

-         2 filled and signed visa application forms


NOTE. Because of possible changes of the route (crossing Tajikistan from Samarkand to Farghana) we have to apply for the double entry Uzbekistan visa and transit Tajikistan visa.


  1. For alternative route through Tajikistan. There is no the Tajikistan Embassy in Poland; we must apply via Berlin or Moscow or in a neighbour to Tajikistan country.