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BaltiCCycle 2023

"From Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo" /continuation of BC 2020/

5th Olympic Expedition

The honour patronage – Polish Olympic Committee

February 25 – March 26, 30 days

HAWAII: Big Island - Maui Island - Lanai Island - Kauai Island - O'ahu Island

Hawaii Archipelago was a part of our Olympic route in 2020 but due to the pandemic, the ride was suspended. Now, when the quarantine is over we invite you to complete the 4th section of the 5th Olympic Expedition “From Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo” and join us on those magic – like paradise – islands in the very center of the Pacific Ocean. Among six major islands, only one was chosen for the 2020 route – the Big Island of Hawaii with the highest and most active volcanoes. As we are no longer dependent on the Olympic dates, we decided to extend the route and visit five islands, each unique and offering unforgettable experiences. Though there is a ferry connection only between Maui and Lana'i islands, there are well-developed interisland flights at reasonable prices.

We will start the ride as it was planned originally, on the Big Island of Hawaii, and will circle around it enjoying gorgeous beaches and tropical climates. We will stay a day at the Volcanoes National Park exploring top attractions on lava fields and crater rim trails. In the next few days, we will have a chance to cycle up to the summit of Mauna Kea volcano at 4200 m, which is one of the most challenging cycling climbs, and reach the North coast with jagged rocks and deep valleys. We will close the circle on Big Island at the Kona airport.

Maui Island is the second biggest one in the archipelago. We will begin cycling northwest on the legendary Kahekili Highway with snaking turns, and narrow passages, framed by the rocks on one side and sheer cliff drops on the other. On the west shore, we will pass spectacular resorts competing for the best sunsets in the world, and arrive at historic Lâhainâ town. The channel off the coast of Lâhainâ is one of the best places in the world to spot humpback whales between January and early April. From here we will take a one-day detour by ferry to Lana'i island, which is the smallest publicly accessible and called the most secluded island. We will cycle Munro Trail or go inland to see the Garden of the Gods, a lunar landscape of rock towers and boulders. We will continue on Maui toward the east and cycle on Crater Road up to Haleakalâ National Park with the world’s largest dormant volcano where people come to enjoy the colorful Summit Sunrise; then go down on Skyline Trail (if it will be opened till our arrival). Further, the route will take us on the scenic Hana Highway surrounding the east shore and will lead us to the Kahului airport from where we will take a flight to the northernmost island of the archipelago – Kaua'i with its capital city Lahui.

Kaua'i Island has the nickname “The Garden Isle” because of the lushest greenery of the tropical rainforest and the most distinctive natural beauty. On the north shore of the island, the Na Pali Coast State Park is located. The area has dramatic, up to 1,219 m cliffs, known as “pali” in Hawaiian, towering above crystal waters. There is no way to cycle the whole island around, therefore we offer two coastal turn/return routes leading to the park from different sides of the island. The first 3 days will be spent cycling west from Lihue and exploring Polihale State Park with one of the longest (24 km) sand beaches with dunes up to 30 m and Waimea Canyon called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. After returning to Lihue we will head north, then east until the scenic road ends and the Kalalau Trail, the most popular hike on Kauai, begins. We will return to Lihue and take a flight to the last island on our route – O'ahu.

O’ahu Island is the most populated Hawaiian island with the state capital in Honolulu. The island is called the heart of Hawaii, and it is home to the majority of Hawaiʻi’s diverse population; the contrast between the ancient and the modern, the bustling city life and relaxed surf towns make O’ahu so enjoyable. In 3 days, we will make a circle around the island, visiting Pearl Harbor Memorial and many other historical and cultural sites.

Totally in 5 islands in 30 days we will cycle about 1800 km.

Join us for a month, a week, a day, or for a whole route! See you on the road!

Ride coordinators:
Sigitas Kučas (Lithuania), bc2022@bicycle.lt, +370 686 59 375
Maryla Zielińska (Poland), bc2023@bicycle.pl, +48 604 255 722
Rolandas Liutika (Lithuania), rolandas.klaipeda@gmail.com