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2014.07.19 - 2014.09.04

"night is not enough"... sings the Polish band Piersi in the top song "Balkanica"...

The tour will start from the campsite located right next to the famous Fortress of Salzburg giving a wonderful view down to the old town of Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At he same place we have finished BaltiCCycle 2013 tour from Vilnius to Salzburg. From there we will cycle a short bit via Germany and then climb Austria's highest mountain pass via the Großglockner High Alpine Road running through the National Park Hohe Tauern. This road will bring us to 2504m above sea level and give us the possibility to see Austria's highest summit (Großglockner) and its glacier. Once across the pass we will come down to the province of Carinthia with its wonderful lakes.

We will leave Austria via Pass Wurzen and enter Slovenia. We will cycle up to the gorgeous Soca valley and cycle down the river Soca crossing the Triglav National Park. Afterwards we continue to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and arrive two days later in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

After Zagreb we will turn to the South and passing the Plitvice National Park will enter Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cycling 5 days along beautiful valleys and scenic landscapes, we will reach the capital Sarajevo. From Sarajevo the route will take us towards the Adriatic Sea. On the way we will stop in Mostar - the historical capital of Herzegovina – where the half of our whole route will be celebrated. In 2 more days we will enter Dubrovnik, the city which is called the Pearl of Adriatic.

After the rest day in Dubrovnik we will visit famous by cultural monuments Montenegro towns – Cetinje, Kotor, and Budva. Entering Albania we will turn to the North.  We will cycle towards the highest peaks of Dinar Alps – Prokletije Mountains  ("Cursed Mountains"), where Albanian, Montenegro, and Kosovo borders meet. In this borderland region the Peace Park project was initiated. We will get special permits to cross the Èakor Pass, closed in 1990 after independence wars, and will enter Kosovo. After one-day stay in Prizren – the Kosovo “cultural capital” – we will return again to Albania for the last 10 cycling days.

The specific cosy atmosphere, the preserved traditions and the charm of unspoiled by massive tourism nature as well as rich country‘s history will follow us on Albanian roads. We will visit the remote mountain regions and towns-monuments, and will cycle a few days along clean and sunny Ionic Sea beaches.

The ride will finish in Greek Corfu Island, where you can take a rest till the flight home.

Last updated 2014.07.16