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Vilnius 08.02 Warsaw 08.16 Vienna 08.30 Salzburg 09.09

In 2013 we will celebrate 10th anniversary of cooperation between CROTOS Travellers Association and GMPR Lithuanian Fund the first common ride which connected capitals of our home countries Warsaw and Vilnius in 2003. At the same time it will be 15th anniversary of the GMPR Great Millennium Peace Ride which started in 1998 on Hiroshima Memorial Day in Seattle, and laid a background for the future BaltiCCycle expeditions in different parts of the world.

We will repeat the BaltiCCycle 2003 route at the same dates (August 2-17) but this time cycling the opposite direction from Vilnius to Warsaw. From Warsaw we will extend our route to Vienna (August 18-30), from where Martin Hausmaniger invites us for the ride to Salzburg (August 31 September 9). The route recalls the historical relief expedition to Vienna led by Jan III Sobieski King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania to rescue Christian Europe from the Ottoman Empire in 1683.

More info about the route and ride conditions will be announced in January.