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to join Europe by bicycle
2007.06.21 - 2007.09.21

Brussels 06.21 Cologne 06.24 Mainz 06.27 Prague 07.08  - Wroclaw 07.14 Krakow 07.21 Uzhorod 07.29 Bucharest 08.12  Constanta 08.17 Varna 08.21 Istanbul 08.28 Izmir 09.01 Antalya 09.14 Larnaka 09.21

We will start our bicycle tour in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where administration of European Union takes place and the new office of European Cyclists Federation has been just opened, and after 70 days will reach Istanbul, Turkey, the European-Asian country, which wants to join EU too. Traveling from west to east we will have an opportunity to compare lives in the countries which laid bedrock to EU with those which entered EU recently or still have an objective to be part of it. Going from country to country we will celebrate open borders in Europe and at the same time enjoy still existing different nationalities.

After Istanbul we will cross by boat the Marmora and Aegean Seas and will cycle 2 more weeks on the Turkish Mediterranean. The last week we will spend in Cyprus on the route joining both Turkish and Greek parts of the island.

We will visit on the route 24 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Click here to see the list.

The ride is organised on the basis of the BaltiCCycle principles. The daily distances are 60-90 km, and one day of rest in a week. Every morning you receive a map with the day's route, the marked places of interest and the sleeping place info. The day's schedule and the cycling speed is up to you: you can cycle individually or enjoy a friendly atmosphere of smaller or bigger group.

You are welcome to join the ride for any distance in any place of the route - for one day, one month or the whole tour!

For more details look the Program and Conditions sections.