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Find Your Own Mysterious Nature of the Baltic Countries! (2001)
Erlandas Paplauskis and Saulius Ruzinskas

BaltiCCycle bicycle campaign invites you.

This is a great opportunity to see a different and distinct soul of the Baltic countries formed not only by different histories and cultures, but also by their differences of nature.

About the Campaign

The bicycle campaign along the seashore from Talin through the islands of Saremo and Hiuma, through unique Latvia’s seaside villages, through Lithuanian regional and national parks is a great opportunity of getting to know nature and the preserved cultural legacy of these countries. Quite a few new coming from the civilized Europe tourists find it fascinating to observe the untouched ancient landscape, where the working fields smoothly turn into the woods and natural swamps, where left from the pagan times castles and gigantic oaks count their centuries.

Rather vast nature’s  areas around every Baltic country are the best sanctuary for the big birds, such as the white and the black storks, cranes and eagles, that already are disappearing in many European countries,

Furthermore, BaltiCCycle is a wonderful chance to get acquainted with the Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, and the Russians taking part in this campaign.


Those who got to visit the islands of Saremo and Hiuma, all emphasize the mysterious serenity of these places, the reserved beauty of the northern part’s nature. Speaking of the people, they are indeed friendly and pleasant here. They are willing to nicely and warmly communicate; you will encounter none of the cold formality.

Recently, a friend of mine came back after hitchhiking on the islands. He brought only pleasant impressions with him. Local people always helped him find places to stay for a night, showed interesting places, explained where to see a rare kind of a bird or a sea animal, a seal, that is a typical one of this area. The landscape of Estonia’s stony shore is likely to resemble Finland or Sweden indicating a tight bond between the spirits of these northern courtiers. Thick forests with plenty of junipers invite you to step into these nature’s sacred places and meet their ghosts and trolls typical to the culture of the northern countries.


Riding a bicycle you can see pasturing on the working fields cranes that fly here to feed themselves from the natural swamps ( a great number of which are in the northern part of Estonia ). You can also notice a multitude of white storks, sometimes the black ones; at night, you can hear wolves growling and owls hooting.


Travelling southward, typical to the northern landscape stones disappear and the seaside becomes sandy. You start forgetting being in the north. Nice sandy beaches and old-time seamen villages throughout Latvia still carry the spirit of the past centuries. It seems as if the speed of the modern life full of stress haven’t affected them yet. Here is where the amber path starts, which is the seashore, according to the Latvians. Giving it a try, everyone can find own dream piece of amber.

Let us drop by a sea village Pape where there are old-time estates left and where there is a museum based on the mode of life of ancient people. Recently, there was found a dugout dating back to the beginning of the century, which is in a good condition. The entire seaside between the villages of Jurmalciems and Pape is especially calm and serene. Here, people are not usually to be met. There are only you, the sea, the sun, the wind, and birds. Near Kuldiga, you will visit the most famous Latvia’s places, more than 100 meters long caves under the ground.  There are the pure white sand, the blue-red clay lightened by candles, and an incredible silence.

Latvia, just like Lithuania, is the country of the Balts, where during the pagan times, oaks were considered sacred trees. For that reason, it is no wonder to come across a multitude of them. For instance, the trunk size of one of the especially huge one, Kaive, is more than 10 meters.


In the evening, having stopped for a rest, you can take up fishing right from the shore. You are likely to catch a flatfish or even an eel.


This amber path will lead you to Lithuania where the itinerary of the campaign will end. All the participants will be able to take part in the big and extremely important for this country holiday, the sea fest, as well as the bicyclists’ parade, concerts and listen to jazz and bell music. We will be living in the regional park of Pajuris, in the beautiful place on the seashore, the camping place. Nearby, right on the seashore there is a 24-meter hill where local people like to meet sunset and drink tea.


In the park of Pajuris, local amber craftsmen still gather amber by the old-time method. With the special scoop, they walk into the stormy sea and wait for the waves to spit the Baltic jewel, amber, out. According to legends, these are the wrecks of the sea goddess Jurate’s castle.

The pleasant acquaintance with the participants and the sharing of impressions we will continue around the huge fire that we will make on the beach. Meanwhile, a huge festival, the sea fest, will take place in the downtown. There you will be able to visit a number of concerts, jazz, rock, and techno clubs. Those who want, can arrive right to Klaipeda and through the national park

of the Curonian Spit travel eastward ( the region of Kaliningrad ). Then, having visited ancient crusader’s castles and the rich with birds delta of Nemunas, you can come back to the sea fest. Alternative itineraries will be proposed as well. Click the address below to find out more about it.

Those of you, who will choose the starting point in Klaipeda, will get the especially exotic itinerary, which is through the Lithuanian magical place, the national park of the Curonian Spit (guarded by UNESCO) to the region of Kaliningrad. You will return through Russia (the east) visiting the regional park of the Nemunas’ delta, so-called bird’s paradise. 

You can also choose an alternative itinerary, and starting in Latvia go through Joniskis, not to Palanga along the seaside. People choosing this way will visit a number of regional and national parks with the beautiful untouched nature – pure lakes, rivers, and woods.


We invite and strongly encourage you to partake in the international bicycle campaign through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the region of Kaliningrad right to the sea fest. The campaign will start in different places and different time: Talin – June, 14 (Saturday), Vilnius – June, 20 (Friday), Riga and Klaipeda – June, 21 (Saturday). The finish is in Klaipeda on the sea fest on June the 27th.

June, 27-29 – the regional park of Pajuris will be the bicyclists’ camp, the sea fest’s events, the bicyclists procession down the streets, the special techno evening for the participants, the race to Palanga, and much more will take place.

During the campaign, we will meet interesting people, we will take part in             all the events, and we will communicate, sing, and dance around the fire, etc. In other words, we will do our best to possible visit every worthwhile nature’s corner. The organizers will put together the information about objects worth visiting during the campaign itself. 

The Organizers Will Take Care of:

They will prepare the most interesting and safe itineraries, they will take care of the camping places near the lakes and rivers, they will gather and put together all the necessary information as to the camping, nourishment, and the bicycle repair stations. They are planning the cultural and the ecological programme. They will also take care of the transportation of the heavy totes, drinking water, fuel primus, and the medical treatment.

Registration and Information

Everything goes on-line. If you want to get information or register, visit www.bicycle.lt

For additional information, apply to the bicyclist association, Bicycle information centre (dvirINFO):

Tel. (26) 380714, mob.tel. (285) 77195, (299) 56009, Fax:
e-mail: INFO@bicycle.lt

Lithuanian Bicyclist Assocaiation