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BaltiCCycle – What is it? (2001)
Erlandas Paplauskis and Saulius Ruzinskas

A bicycle is not just a means of getting from the point A to the point B. This is also an unconscious desire to get away from the grown-up world and get back to childhood, closer to the “sincere simplicity”, even if for a short period of time.
The German psychologist Michel Degen

BaltiCCycle is a campaign through Estonia, Latvia, and the region of Kaliningrad. It is supposed to absorb the most picturesque places of these countries including as many worthy objects of nature and cultural legacy as possible. This campaign is planned not only in the comprehensive sense, but also so that it would turn out to be a little adventure, a trip to the sea fest by bicycle. You can choose one the seven itineraries proposed. You can get all the necessary information by visiting the sites listed below.

This is Your Priceless Moral Support for the Colleagues, the Bicyclists of the Baltic Countries!

The bicyclists association planned to arrange a huge international campaign with as many participants. Thus, due to the informational campaign, a number of the westerners would get to know our country’s values, thus, making the Baltic countries popular. Also, the authorities would clearly see the full range of potential of this kind of tourism and would be given proofs as to the necessity of the bicycle paths’ arrangement. Lithuanian bicyclists find a hard time to draw the authorities’ attention to this ecological means of transportation.

By participating in this campaign, you will join personally not only to the popularization of the bicycle tourism in Lithuania. This will be another huge step to the development of the net of the normal bicycle paths.

The trip by bicycles is the perfect rest also in the comprehensive sense. While riding a bicycle you experience far more impressions and get closer to nature; you not only observe things, but you actually hear them. And the Baltic nature is indeed undiscovered paradise for the tourists, not yet.

            Have you become interested? However, still something prevents you from making up your mind. We will try to help you do that by answering the most frequently asked questions.


Do you not trust your own strength?

We will make 50-80 km. each day (700 km. All together)

After hearing about the bicycle campaign, one often thinks to him/herself, ”I am too old for this”, or, “I am scared to plunge into the bigger trip because you have to be a sportsman for that”. However, these are the most typical errors. Every person could easily make 50 km. a day, as well as to maintain a speed of 15-20 km. Statistics of the past bicycle campaigns testify that the age of the participants can range from 2 months up to 70 years old and even more. Yet, the majority of them are young people.

Undoubtedly, there will be inferior paths, too. You will be able to make a stop in order to rest, have a snack, or to see the cultural or nature’s sights. It is a time of holidays, and nobody makes you rush. The campaign has to be pleasant.


We invite and strongly encourage you to partake in the international bicycle campaign through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the region of Kaliningrad right to the sea fest. The campaign will start in different places and different time: Talin – June, 14 (Saturday), Vilnius – June, 20 (Friday), Riga and Klaipeda – June, 21 (Saturday). The finish is in Klaipeda on the sea fest on June the 27th.

 June, 27-29 – the regional park of Pajuris will be the bicyclists’ camp, the sea fest’s events, the bicyclists procession down the streets, the special techno evening for the participants, the race to Palanga, and much more will take place.

The Organizers Will Take Care of:

They will prepare the most interesting and safe itineraries; they will take care of the camping places near the lakes and rivers. You will get the campaign’s maps and brochures with all the necessary information. Those who wish to spend the night in their tents will find some useful information about the estates of the countryside tourism, the hotels, and hostels in these brochures. Those who want to cook their meals on the fire will find out about the cafes. They are planning the cultural and the ecological enlightenment programme (but do not be troubled – nobody is going to enlighten you; you will only get a chance to meet interesting naturalists and scientists).

Do You Want to Take Your Guitar Along?

Go ahead! The organizers will take care of the transportation of the heavy totes, drinking water, fuel primus, and the medical treatment.

Are You Afraid that Your Bicycle Might Break Down?

We will help you find the repair workshops. They will be indicated in the informational campaign’s edition.

What Should You Take to the Trip?

  • A neat bicycle (with a carrier, brakes, and a torch)!!!!!
  • Tourist equipment (a sleeping bag, a mat, a tent, a gas-cooker, and a syrinx)
  • Passport, or the parental permission to take part in the campaign with the grown-up guardians if he/she is under the age of 18.
  • Money (for the participant’s fee, equipment, food, museums, entertainment, etc.).

So you are left only to choose the itinerary, to register, and to prepare your bicycle.

Registration and Information

Everything goes on-line. If you want to get information or register, visit www.dviratis.lt

For additional information, apply to the bicyclist association, bicycle information centre (dvirINFO):

Tel. (26) 310870, mob.tel. (285) 77195, (299) 56009
e-mail: zvejone@klaipeda.omnitel.net

Lithuanian Bicyclist Assocaiation