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Tour "From The Baltic To The Black Sea" Report - Odessa, Ukraine 19 August 2005 (2005)
John Dennis Clark III

Three riders from the Polish group rode the full distance from Gdansk, Poland to Odessa, Ukraine and four riders rode the full distance from Klaipedia, Lithuania to Odessa, Ukraine. Distances vary from 3700 to 4000 km over a 8-week period.

While in Moldova the tour connected with the Ekotopia Tour originating in Banja Luka, Bosnia. Some 300 participants from Ekotopia took part in conferences, seminars, exhibitions and socializing. The main tour spent 5 days in Moldova. Returning to Ukraine into the Southern Danube Delta the tour went through Ismial and Vulkoviz. In Vulkoviz three bicycles were stolen from the guarded camp as a boat came across the river to make the heist. The local police were helpful with search dogs and thorough in their investigation, but to no avail.

Yesterday the tour entered Odessa on a very hot Ukraine day, to be escorted to a camp ground by the Black Sea for our final night full of celebration. This evening all members of the group will begin journeys back to their port of origin by bus, train or private car.

Traffic in and around Odessa is intense. Roads are in reasonable condition but narrow. Everyone is in a hurry. Exercise all caution. Road side fruit stands offer a variety of melons, tomatoes, peppers, peaches, pears and any garden produce in season.