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Tour "From The Baltic To The Black Sea" Report - Tulcea, Romania 10 August 2005 (2005)
John Dennis Clark III

Deivid and I split from the main group after my visa to Moldova became an issue. We are now in Danube Nature Reserve enjoying the marshes and the hot Romananian sun. The constant warning by locals to watch our stuff and to be careful from "banditos" has made us cautious to the extreme but with the success of arriving without incident. Today we will have to find a private boat owner who will take us to Ukraine as there is no commercial ferry operating here. We are prepared to get back to Vilnius on our own should we not succeed in crossing the boarder to rejoin the main group.

We have found the roads to be in very good condition but anything possible can be on the roads. In some communities only horses and wagons were on the roads--no cars. Along the way we have found very helpful people in giving us direction, and assistance with local information. Our bikes draw attention, especially from the gypsy population who come running with hands out expecting some kind of donation. The locals have been helpful in keeping the pesty ones away. The wild dogs are more of a problem than the beggars. We had to use Mace (gas spray) on one which came snarrling and barking in the night.The first few days in Romania were with rain but now the sun has made its power known and we wish for cloudy days. The roadsides are full of merchants selling freshly harvested watermellon, canalope, tomatoes and a wide variety of garden produce.