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“BaltiCCycle” International Campaign Invites You (2001)

Summer’s nature, rich landscape, a nice company from different countries, evenings by the fire, a noisy sea fest, and the minimal expenses…What do you think about it? Does it sound tempting? Then, what are you waiting for – join us!

You can start the campaign from Tallin, Riga, Vilnius, Klaipeda, or from any other place the itinerary is stretching through. After you have registred (all the necessary information is in the internet, www.dviratis.lt), you will get maps of the itinerary and the brochures with all the necessary information about where to  stay for a night, where to eat, or what to see. This and much more, you will find in the brochure.

So grab a bicycle, a backpack, and a company of friends; throw a sleeping back, a tent, food, some money, and musical instruments in and hit the road. In the course of two weeks you will be in Klaipeda, taking your start in Tallin and making 50-70 km. a day. However, we will not rush; we will make stops in the interesting places and regional and national parks.

It is hard to imagine any better way of getting acquainted with the most picturesque places, other than by bicycle. Thus, you are close to nature and almost nothing slips through your eyes. An easy, but a constant physical load adds its attraction and creates a sense of cooperation with the friends. The “deserved” rest, the food cooking by the fire in the evening, songs, romantic chats… Are you not dreaming about these? Romantic acquaintances will firm during the sea fest activities, concerts, and discoes. Undoubtedly, the swimming places will be pointed. We will spend the nights in the places chosen by the organizers. In the campaign campings nobody is bord. During the fest weekend, we will be living right on the seashore in the camping.

Discover different nature and culture of Baltic States by yourself!