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Tour "From The Baltic To The Black Sea" Report - Vyzhinytsia, Ukraine 2 August 2005 (2005)
John Dennis Clark III

The Ukraine Carparthia are known as the Black Hills. The rolling landscape makes for excellent cycling with each village offering its own flavour of beer, fold art, music and dress. Happening upon a wedding party, we were invited in for the traditional toasting of the bride and groom along with hords of food and drink. Leaving turned out to be the most difficult part as one more was always demanded of our new-found hosts.

Some of the cycling group has left after we cliimbed the highest peak in Ukraine. We are now riding out of the mountains along valleys of fantastic scenery next to a rushing river from yesterday's rain.

We find the roads to be reasonable. Again having to share with various wandering animals, village cyclists, hay wagons and a mix of the unimaginable.

Prices are cheap. A Pepsi is twice as expenive as beer. It is cheaper to buy in a restaurant than to buy and prepare our own dinner. We are satisfied with the service, the products, and the friendlyness of the people. Stories of aggressive people have come to naught as everyone has offered assistance and hospitality at all times.

We are all impressed with Ukraine and can see the country becoming one of the great tourist places.