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Tour "From The Baltic To The Black Sea" Report - Kaunas, Lithuania - 1 July 2005 (2005)
John Dennis Clark III

Kaunas is Lithuanias second largest city and former capital. Many cafes, bars and restaurants line the pedestrian walkways in the old town. An early morning ride through the traffic proved a healthy exercise in dodging cars, slower cyclists, and a few wandering babicka's. Closed briges made our journey a little longer but we made the 20 km trip from last nights campsite in time for coffee and internet. Soon the tour will be meeting town officials for some kind of welcoming ceremony.

Once the mid-summer night holiday was completed the majority of the tour participants returned home leaving 20 remaining cyclists. The smaller group is easier to manage and to keep together. We have wonderful eveings by the fire telling stories and learing about each other.

Last night the tour was hosted to a slide show of past tours so we could all verify that we are getting older. It was fun seeing the North Cape tour and the Warsaw tour of two years ago.

The weather has been cooperating magnificently.

Each morning at the map meeting we are given the option of routes to our destination some choosing gravel roads others asphalt.

Now the tour consists of Lithuanians, Belarussians, Germans, Swedes, Polish and one lone American.