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Olympia, Greece 29 August 2004 (2004)

Under an umbrella of Greek blue skies, after an all night beech party under
a full moon we entered the city of our destination. The last 48 km was done
with typical Greek love, 12 stops along the way to wait for... well we do
not know why we wait, it is Greek to wait...so we wait and wait. We were met
by a representative of the Mayor, presented a Peace Pole and took many
photos. Some tour the museums, the ancient stadium and the town center. We
have had police protection, escort, guard since entering Greece.

The roads have all been well thought out with the best options for post card
views along the sea coast. We have quickly learned that going off the
asphalt will guarantee a flat tire because of all the thorns, needles and
sticky things that poke, stab and cut. One rider had eleven holes in one
flat tire as a result of stopping to water the flowers.

We have also learned that not all fruit is good to eat since the crops are
sprayed with a variety of chemicles. One watermelon we opened was yellow
inside. The figs are considered public domaine. There are no private trees.
Feel free to pick and eat where you like.

Tonight some of the people on the tour will begin their journeys homeward.
The majority will start the return trips in the morning with a combination
of train, bus and  airplane.

This is the last update.

John Dennis Clark 111