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Larissa, Greece 20 August 2004 (2004)

40 degrees centigrade. Hot, full sun. Some riders are experiencing stomach
problems and high temperatures. We have been adviced to eat less watermelon
and peaches??

We have been escorted (protected, watched) by police since arriving in
Greece. The object of terrorist, a traffic hazzard, they see us as part of
the Olympic and have orders to make sure we have no problems. Efforts by the
group asking them to leave us go unheard. We have resigned ourselves to
their presence.

After three nights of riding along the Aegean Sea and swimming in its warm,
heavily salted waters we have headed inland to the mountain in the direction
of Olympia, the birth place of the Olympics. Inland weather conditions are
more extreme...more heat, less wind, no rain, not even a cloud in the sky.
Road condition are excellent and the route well thought out by the Greek
organizors. We are quite pleased with the Greek organization. Wonderful.

Again in Larissa we have been greeted by the town mayor, and rode into a
hoard of TV cameras and news photographers.

John Dennis Clark 111