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Veria, Greece 15 August 2004 (2004)

Once we left the Macedonian passport control the police escort began. Escorted into the Greece passport controll we were quickly processed while news photographers, cameras and journalist gathered. We were taken aback at the number of people applauding our arrival. The Greek cycling club welcomed us, organized everything and has 15 members riding with us. The local mayor, the boarder control and police joined us for lunch provided by the local authorities. After a quick 50 km we were hosted to a dinner at a local restaurant while we watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Sun, heat, resin wine, grilled meats, salads, roadside mellons, fruits, cool water springs, figs, swimming in the sea, palm trees... We take two hour breaks during the hottest part of the day. Shade and water galore are recommended during the heat. We welcome the absence of rain. Road conditions are excellent. Given premium attention by the authorities of each local we are escorted through traffic lights, ride on the main highways and given free movement on the roads. The group is now at 40. We are camping in sports stadiums, schools, and school campuses. John Dennis Clark 111