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Nis, Serbia 7 August 2004 (2004)

Hungary was wine country, Serbia is watermelon country. Fresh fruit and
vegetables at every village. Fresh cheese from farmers. Everything scary
about this country comes to nothing when the people are encountered.
Absolutely the most friendly of all the countries we have visited so far.
Ask for directions and the people take us. Many people stop and talk,
language is not a barrier. Coffee often is offered, invited into people s
houses. This is not one story but the story of many riders.

Tomorrow we go into Kosovo. We will have a United Nations escort. We have a
place to stay in Pristina and will witness the conflict of the region. In
Beograd we saw the results of the bombing, buildings destroyed, some being
rebuilt. The Chinese moved into a new embassy three day before our arrival.
Last night some of us went to watch the Serbian USA basketball game on TV.

Road conditions are suprisingly good. We have had some welcomed rain on some
of our hottest days yet. We are just now coming into hills which will stay
with us til the end of the tour. The Serbian cyclist put together a tour
taking us through many small villages, on good roads and reasonable
distances. We are pleased with the organization.

The group is now at 29 and has come together nicely. Verga who hurt her
wrist is now riding again, she is an origional North Cape hero. Now there
are 7  of us who started from the beginning.

Internet access is not so readily available so messages may not be as often.

John Dennis Clark 111