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Pultusk, Poland 08 July 2004 (2004)
John Dennis Clark 111

At one time in history this city was controlled by Russia and was the divide
between Russia and Poland. Neopoleon had his first encounter with the
Russian army here. Later the city was bombed in WW2 but was rebuilt in the
origional Polish style. The market in the center of the town has the flavour
of the 1700's.

In Poland we had a warm welcome to the country in the town of Punsk, which
still has a strong Lithuanian population. We were hosted to a party by the
mayor. Lots of Polish sausage and Polish beer.

The Polish organizors have designed a route taking us through some wonderful
rural parts of the country, staying away from major population centers. Thus
we have really had a taste of Polish life.

On the 06 of July the group celebrated its half way mark. So far we have had
105 participants from 14 different countries ride with us at some point in
the tour. In the group there are 7 who started in North Cape, Norway. We
have travelled 4300 km. Tomorrow we will have a police escort through