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Trakai, Lithuania 28 June 2004 (2004)
John Dennis Clark 111

The group had a much needed 2 day rest in Vilnius. Hot showers, meeting old
friends, resturants. This morning Arturas Poviliunas the President of the
Lithuanian National Olympic Committe (Lietuvos Tautinis Olimpinis Komitetas)
hosted all of us for breakfast and gave each member of the group gifts and
kind words of encouragement.

We are pleased to have three members of the Belarus Cycling Community join
our tour for the Lithuanian portion. While in Vilnius the Polish Cycling
group joined and will ride with us through Poland...about two weeks.

Each morning begins with a map meeting. The sleeping location given.
Everyone goes in sub groups to the final destination. Some choose the
designated cycling route others choose more direct ways. The distance is
about the same but the road conditions vary. Sleeping location are in school
sports fields since the group is now about 25 cyclists.

So far we have had over 50 cyclist along the way from 15 different
countries. We have traveled over 3600 km through 5 countries. Of the
origional 9 who started from North Cape 7 remain.