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Sangaste, Estonia 16 June 2004 (2004)
John Clark <jdc111@hotmail.com>

Again we have been greated and hosted at the towns and small communities
that we have passed through. Yesterday morning BalticCycle presented a Peace
Pole to the community of Tartu, Estonia (Estonia's second largest city),
presenting it to Hannes Astok the Deputy Mayor. Furthur on our route we were
hosted by the small community of Elva with the City Sports Director
directing us to a restaurant. In Otepaa the Mayor invited us into his office
to sit and listen to the saga of Estonian politics.

Along the road we happened to meet another cyclist, a Belgian, Nico Ceunen,
who joined our group for one night.

The official Estonian Bicycle map has the smiling faces of George and Ahmet
from the tour two years previous, taken if Hiimua, gracing the front cover.