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Tallinn, Estonia (2004)
John Dennis Clark 111

In Helsinki the group was hosted by the city government representative Eeva
Knulnvainen to whom we presented the gift of a Peace Pole to be placed in
the city on August 29 the same day we reach our final destiation. We also
were met by Antero Naskila who is the bicycle official in Helsinki city
planning department. He is the person who designed our route through
Finland. We offered feed back on road conditions, signage, length of travel
and some general comments regarding camping, bike shops... In all we had no
real complaints and many compliments regarding the hospitality of the Finish
people we met along the way.

This morning we were joined by Deividas Seilius, Julius Pakalniskis,
Benediktas (son of Valentinas) and three more riders from Germany.

This afternoon we will meet our Estonian Tour guide Rein Lepik and begin our
ride through Estonia with a meeting with the Estonian Olympic Officials.

The weather has improved dramatically with the crossing of the Baltic Sea
southward. Full sun and 22 degrees. Not surprising the prices in the shops
have improved as well.