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Koli, Finnland 29 May 2004 (2004)
John Dennis Clark 111

We have entered the National Forest of Finnland which boarders the Russian
boarder. Bear, Wolf and numerous other beasts abound. The use of bikes,
camping and access is limited. We are camping on the grounds of a youth
hostel, using only their shower. Fine, since the weather have warmed up to
11 and the rain is only occassional.  Tonight the group is preparing an
American style Bar-B-Q.

The son of our host is a boarder guard, stating that the Finns have no
problem with the Russians wanting to come to Finnland but people from third
countries using Russia as an entry point.

Everyone is healthy, a bit tired...we have already riden 1500 km. Today is a
rest day so washing, cleaning clothes, bikes and eating, eating, eating, and
in between sleeping.

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