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Ristina, Finland 4June 2004 (2004)
John Dennis Clark 111

The weather has played havoc with anything electronic…computers, telephones,
speedometers, camera. Apparently the humidity oxidises the inside
components, making mush of the functions.

Today we are hoping for our first 24 hours of no rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
The sun is making a gallant showing and the temps are above 20 for the first
time. In fact the lilacs are making an effort of producing blooms.

The ride through the lake region has been both beautiful and testing. Riding
140 km through heavily forested lake regions from early morning till past
midnight. Many of us sitting on the bikes for over 8 straight hours along
roads absent of a level spot. The trails are well marked, but advanced
information on road conditions is lacking. As a result the group is dividing
into those that carry gear, taking the direct paths and those that put all
of their gear in the support vehicle, taking the forest trails.

With the onset of warm weather swimming will be the next test of courage.

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