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Suuomussalmen, Finnland 25 May 2004 (2004)
JD Clark

We are in our fourth consecutive day of continuoous rain. Everything is wet.
But not our spirits!  With some expert negoiation  we have been able to find
places warm and dry at night. Being the off tourist season we can get some
cheap prices, sometimes free.

We have had one evening of Itialian pasta, cooked by Italians. and some of
the group took a short hike to see some 4000 year old paintings by our
fellow cyclists. The roads are well marked and quite good condition. We are
just now entering the south of Finnland and will begin to see more
civilization. Up to now we ride 100 km and more to see only pine and birch
trees...no shops...nothing.

Temps +6, rain.

John Dennis Clark 111

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