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Kuusamo, Finnland 22 May 2004 (2004)
JD Clark

Yesterday morning we crossed to the south side of the Artic Circle. We are
now headed to the Eastern part of Finnland and will ride south along the
boarder with Russia. We have ridden 800 km about half way to Hellsinkii. The
reminents of snow remain on the sides of the road, temps are from 8 to 11,
rain is intermittent. Shops and civilization are still sparce.

We are now headed ot Hossa, a winter resort area where we will have a one
day breeak from riding


Sigitas Kucas,  Lithuaniana, Professor of Physics
Virginija Kulikauskaite, Lithuanian, Museum curator
Valentinas Kabasinskas, Lithuanian, Medical Doctor
Saulius Prabulius, Lithuanian, Pharmasist
John Clark, USA, Teacher
Hans Rave, German, Retired baker
Horst Radmer, German, Engineer
Carlotta DallAglio Italy, Secretary
Nicola DiGregorio, Italy,
Kkrsztof Jasinski, Poland, Businessman

John Dennis Clark 111

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