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Impressions of Western Cyclists in the Baltic States (2004)

We got some answers of cyclists  - and critical as well.

Unfortunately they are all in German, so here you just find a short version. Detailed in the GERMAN newsletter and on the German homepage (=> Berichte)

„The second part from Ventspils to Kolka [North Western Latvia] was terrible. First there was an empty asphalt road. The last 48 km to Kolka (i counted each km) was extreme – washboard or sand. Additionally 30 insects tried to eat me at the start of this track, so I had to move. There was totally no infrastructure and no shops etc.” Helli

„Hallo Frankas,
one comment on the cycle trail in Tallinn:

It happened to me, that on the cycle trail I was almost hit by a truck! This track is part of an European cycle network! Generally to ride a bicycle in Tallinn is dangerous to your health. I have the impressions there is no partnership in traffic.” (anonymous)

„I was riding from Switzerland to the North cape in 2003 and my way back was through the Baltic States. I was a little bit afraid because I heard some bad stories about security, therefore I didn’t go alone. But we met so many nice, friendly and helpful people!

We were totally surprised about the signs in Estonia. The main routes are as perfect signed as our (Swiss) routes. Congratulations!

Some critical points:

There is very much traffic on the road Pärnu-Riga and truck drivers do not care on cyclists. Unfortunately there is no alternative to this crowded road.

From Riga we wanted via Skaistkalne to Lithuania, but this border crossing point is only for Latvians and Lithuanians. We only succeeded due to friendly help and the public bus to save 30 km gravel road…

Greetings from Switzerland

Enough for today...

If you have some impressions (in English) send it to me and they’ll get into the next newsletter.


Each critics of foreigners helps us in the construction of cycle routes and paths in the Baltic States!

Thank you very much!!