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Summertime, Time for Nature - ever heard about the Baltic States? (2002)
Frank Wurft

It's an unique project! It gives You the possibility to get to know the natural variety of the Baltic States and the Russian region of Kaliningrad - together with the local people in End July 2002.

And that's how it looks like:

Untouched rivers flow through woods and natural water-meadows - storks are normal. 800 km of Baltic sea coast - wild and stony in Estonia,  incredible huge sand dunes on the Curonian spit in Lithuania and Russia. Small cities on the country side - has anything changed since the last centuries? Traces of history You always find on the way: German castles and ramparts, Polish noble dwalls, russian churches, pagan cult places - after the end of socialism all this is accessible. And the slight hills of the country-side is a perfect terrain for cyclists.

So where are the adventurous travellers?

This Baltic variety is an unknown spot on the european map - an industrial tourism does not exist. A very special project gives You the possibility to get to know it by local insiders: 

The Cyclists Organisations of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania invite to participate in the international bicycle tours "BaltiCCycle". It is not one bicycle tour, but four. They all lead to the Sea festival in Klaipeda/Lithuania which this year celebrates it's 750th aniversary:

And this is Your choice:

July, 19 - 25   - the Coastal route" - from Haapsalu and Talinn in Estonia to Riga

July 26 – August 2
- Trough the Latvian region of old castles from Riga to Klaipeda OR
- Forests, Lakes, Rivers - through Lithuania - from Vilnius/Wilna to Klaipeda OR
- Sea, dunes and just nature - from Klaipeda to Kaliningrad (the former Königsberg), now Russia, and back to Klaipeda

At last You have the opportunity to join one of the biggest events in the Baltics, the Sea Festival in Klaipeda. And an international camp with all the cyclist in a regional nature-park, August 2-4

All Information on Cyling the Baltics - Pictures, registration, articles on the our Homepage: www.bicycle.lt or write to:

“BaltiCCycle” - Lithuanian Cyclists' Community

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