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After long COVID lockdown South American countries are opening borders for tourists. Summer is coming to the Southern Hemisphere! We invite you to the second part of the 5th BC Olympic expedition from Iguazu Falls to Salta in November/December. More here.


The registration to the BaltiCCycle 2021 ride “Hot 🌶 Calabria & Zesty 🍋 Sicily” has started.



Due to quarantine and strict national lockdowns the dates for the route of 5th Olympic Expedition "From Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo" are postponed to the following:

·         sections 2 & 3 – „Iguazu Falls to Salta" and "Salta to Valparaiso (Santiago de Chile)" – will be shifted to November / December 2021 if Argentina opens borders until this time; if Argentina stays locked it will be shifted to March / April 2022;

·         the section 4 – "Around the Big Island (Hawaii)" – is postponed to undefined time;

·         sections 5 & 6 – "Hokkaido and Honsiu (Japan)" – are shifted to July / August 2022 (new dates here).

2021-03-27 The start of the Olympic Expedition has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic until the Argentina borders be reopened. The revised dates and route will be announced at least 3 weeks before the ride starts.