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The registration to the BaltiCCycle 2021 ride “Hot 🌶 Calabria & Zesty 🍋 Sicily” has started.



Due to quarantine and strict national lockdowns the dates for the route of 5th Olympic Expedition "From Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo" are postponed to the following:

·         sections 2 & 3 – „Iguazu Falls to Salta" and "Salta to Valparaiso (Santiago de Chile)" – will be shifted to November / December 2021 if Argentina opens borders until this time; if Argentina stays locked it will be shifted to March / April 2022;

·         the section 4 – "Around the Big Island (Hawaii)" – is postponed to undefined time;

·         sections 5 & 6 – "Hokkaido and Honsiu (Japan)" – are shifted to July / August 2022 (new dates here).

2021-03-27 The start of the Olympic Expedition has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic until the Argentina borders be reopened. The revised dates and route will be announced at least 3 weeks before the ride starts.