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ATTENTION. Due to spread of coronavirus COVID-19 the BaltiCCycle 5th Olympic Expedition has been suspended after completing the 1st section of the route. The continuation of expedition is shifted to the next year. More details here.


Altogether 43 people from 5 countries have registered for the BC2020 Olympic Expedition "From Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo". The biggest number of participants signed for Japan 25, the route in Brazil took the second place 20. From Iguazu Falls to Santiago (Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile) we have 9 participants, and in Hawaii  9 as well. The ride starts on March 2, 2020.


The dates and the route for the BC2020 5th Olympic expedition "From Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo" have been announced. More...

2019-05-13 The registration to the BaltiCCycle 2019 ride "Mysterious and Misty Scotland" has started. More...