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The Lithuanian Cyclists' Community (LCC) is a national non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) established in 1997. Since 1998, LCC is a full member of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) and representative of the EuroVelo® project (European Cycle Route Network) in Lithuania.

Main purpose of LCC is promotion of cycling as the most ecological means of transport and sustainable form of tourism.

LCC unites cyclists from different parts of Lithuania. The Annual Meeting is the highest decision making body, which approves LCC strategies and elects LCC Chairman with a Council consisting from 5 most active members, mainly leaders of local cyclists‘ clubs from different regions of Lithuania. They are responsible for implementing the strategies, project and membership management, coordinating activities in their cities and local regions.

Among the most important activities during existance of LCC could be mentioned:

  • Lobbying for better bicycle transport policy on national, regional and municipal levels;
  • Raising awareness on cycling and general transport issues by publishing monthly bulletin for cyclists, "Du ratai" ("Two Wheels"), establishing a Virtual Bicycle Information Centre - www.dviratis.lt (in Lithuanian) and the BaltiCCycle information and service centre – www.bicycle.lt (in English and German)
  • Organising bicycle transport and cycle tourism promotion campaigns, such as cyclists‘ festivals and rallies, car-free cities campaigns, promotional cycle tours in different parts of Lithuania (1997-2000), the BaltiCCycle tours through the Baltics, Kaliningrad District and Poland (2001-2003), and other countries along the EuroVelo® route No.11 from the North Pole to Athens (2004), from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea (2005);
  • Organising conferences and seminars on bicycle transport and tourism issues;
  • Participating in international activities and information exchange among members of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF). In 2006, LCC hosted the Annual General Meeting of ECF in Klaipeda;
  • Publishing specialised tour guides and cycle maps of Lithuania, Western Lithuania & Klaipeda Town, Latvia and Kaliningrad District...

Significant achievements:

  • Improved legislation related to bicycle traffic and development of bicycle transport infrastructure (Road Traffic Regulations, special transport planning regulations, law of non-motorised transport, etc.);
  • Improved conditions for bicycle transportation in trains - more space for bicycle transportation in carriages of national and regional trains (in cooperation with the Lithuanian Railways company);
  • The EuroVelo® project has been made a big issue in Lithuania, what resulted that two cycle routes crossing the country, No.10 „Baltic Sea Circuit“ and No.11 Eastern European Route, were included into the National Tourism Development Program;
  • Development of several cycle routes, e.g. the Nemunas River Cycle Route, Suvalkija Cycle Circuit, Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route as EuroVelo10 and EuroVelo 13, was initiated and strongly promoted...

Registration & postal address: Spynu str. 18, Kaunas LT-45194
Tel. +370 687 30747, E-mail: lcc@bicycle.lt

Regional contacts (updated 08.12.2016):


  • Eduardas Krisciunas (chairman), Tel. +370 687 30747, E-mail: ldb @ katalogai.net
  • Justas Ingelevičius, tel. +370 613 53947, el. pađtas: justas @ zvejone.lt


  • Linas Vainius (council member), Tel. +370 699 33661, E-mail: linas @ dviratis.lt
  • Paulius Bakutis (council member), Tel. +370 655 12381, E-mail: pauliusb @ dviratis.lt


  • Saulius Ruzinskas (council member), Tel. +370 615 91773, E-mail: saulius @ bicycle.lt