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Dear future and former BaltiCCyclists!

So we passed Ligo – Jonines (Rasos) – Janipäev – or simply: Midsommer, the wildest celebration of the year. Well, at the momet we have showers for the weekends which do not really help cycling ...

And here's a greeting from Valentinas from Kaunas who is somewhere travelling in China with the tour on it's way to Beijing:


In the next Newsletter (07/2008) - End of July (first in German, then in English)!
Development of Cycle routes in and Vilnius (including GPS): Works on the cycle map „Paths and & Routes in and around Vilnius“ (on paper and online) go ahead

Yours Cycling

Frank "Frankas" Wurft

First as usual a short overview

Non commercial

  1. no compulsary helmets for cyclists in Lithuania – at least not for everybody ...

  2. Vilnius – Cyclists' city? 700 participants on cyclists' demonstration

  3. More Info on traditional cycle tour in Northern Lithuania in July

  4.  New Luxus-Express bus Riga-Siauliai-Klaipeda makes it easier to get to the Curonian Spit

More commercial

  1. BaltiCCycle- bicycle rent & city tours by bike in and around Vilnius

  2. Free of charge in the web store on www.bicycle.lt/shop !!!

Without competition

  1. Reminder on Cycle tours supported by BaltiCCycle

so .... let's go...

I. no compulsary helmets for cyclists in Lithuania – at least not for everybody ...

After hot-blooded discussion on the planned duty for Cycle helmets, here the last changes of the law for all believers-in-helmets or pagans.

It seems to me, that in helmets you can believe in or not, but I found no real objective proof for them. One was falling and thinks it saves his live – I am cycling for 30 years and I never did fall on my head... Nu ja ...

After the original descission from November 2007 to introduce compulsary helmets from Juli, 1st, 2008 there still was made a small change.

The second reading – fast running through the commitees of the Parliament before the summer break – brought a typical political compromise. Thus, the voting endet clear: YEA – 60, NOPE – 5, Substaint – 23.

And this is the result (bold the last changes)

Law on safe traffic on car roads

Art. 17, paragraphe 2:

The cyclists are allowed to cycle on road with a bicycle equiped with a properly working break and a sound signal. At the end of the bicycle a red couloured reflector, on both side orange couloured reflectors or other reflecting elements fixed to the spokes must be. While driving on the road during the dark daytime or during bad viewing conditions, in the front a white couloured latern has to burn, as well at the end – a red couloured latern, the cyclist has to wear a light reflecting vest or other for other participants of the traffic well visible reflecting elements, fixed to the clothes. Cyclists (Passengers) up to 18 years while driving on the road have to wear and fasten a helmet. To other persons older than 18 years it is recommended to wear and fasten a helmet while driving on the road.


a) Helmets only for children resp. Parents are responsible for their children

b) You ought to be seen in the dark

c) Lithuania becomes part of the civilised countries and has back lights for bicycles

  1. Not CLEAR the question if anybody will care on the realisation of this law (Paper and reality are still two different thinks in Lithuania...)

  1. Vilnius – Cyclists' city? 700 participants on cyclists' demonstration

After a lot of public interest on cycling since May – news reports, the discussion on compulsary helmets – also the spontanious demonstration „Critical Mass“ grew up to 700 participants (looks already quite impressive).

The critica mass in LT happens each last Friday of the month now in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Alytus, Palanga, Kedainiai, Visaginas ...-

The whole action with no official organisor (we just meet and cycle a bit) has a new web page.


under „Primink“ (Remember!) you may find the media dust of the past ...

As well in Kaunas the „CM“ uses happen since June 2008 always on fridays

neutral overview on


As well in Riga the „Critical Mass“ seens to happen... There on May, the 1st some cyclists where arrested (like already last year in Vilnius) -




More on Latvia in the next newsletter

Some Info (in Latvian)



III. More Info on the traditional cycle tour in Northern Lithuania in July

Info (Lithuanian): http://www.bicycle.lt/lt/main/tours.aukst08

As well in 2008 the traditional bicycle tour through Northern Lithuania is happening.

It is a round trip of one week time

July, 12-19. Juli

Start in Šiauliai (Northern Lithuania) –

reach it by train from Klaipėda, Kaunas or Vilnius

START: July, 12th, 12 o'clock at the place of the sun watch

Participation fee: starting from 25 Lt , ca. 8 Euro


40-60 km per day

Including visits of: Hill of crosses, Authentical village Dargaičiai, workshop of black ceramics in Gruzdžiai, village life exposion Kleboniškes, Regional parks Tytuvėnai and Kurtuvėnai, Nature protection areas, castle mounds, Sources of Svilė, the highest and longest railway bridge Eisenbahnbrücke in Lyduvėnai, cities and townlets, museums, manor houses and monastries


Šiauliai – Kryžių kalnas – Kryžių kalnas – Meškuičiai – Gruzdžiai – Dargaičiai – Beržėnai – Linkaičiai – Joniškis – Pašvitinys – Linkuva – Pakruojis – Rozalimas – Plaučiškiai – Kleboniškis – Pakalniškiai – Šeduva – Baisogala – Grinkiškis – Šaukotas – Tytuvėnai – Šiluva – Lyduvėnai – Kelmė – Kražiai – Pakėvis – Šaukėnai – Kurtuvėnai – Šiauliai

Info and registration: Šiauliai, J.Jablonskio g. 16 (Šiaulių arenos 4 aukštas), Kūno kultūros mokykla (School for body culture)

tel. 8 – 41 437328, mob.tel. 8 615 12077, E-Mail turistas@splius.lt

www.stk.puslapiai.lt, www.kkm.lt, www.dviratis.lt

Organisation :

Šiauliai Tourists' club, Body culture school of Šiauliai city,

Lithuanian Cyclists' Community.

Sponsor: Šiauliai city municipality

IV. New Luxus-Express bus Riga-Siauliai-Klaipeda makes it easier to get to the Curonian Spit

For all cheap carriers and ferry travellers to the North, here a new bus connection Riga- Klaipeda. A part of the Curonian Spit (Smiltyne/Sandkrug) is a city part of Klaipeda ;-)

New Lux Express route on Riga-Siauliai-Klaipeda opened from the 9th of June http://www.eurolines.ee/index.php?id=1949

Departures 3 times a day at 07:00, 12:30, 18:30 from Riga to Klaipeda and from Klaipeda to Riga.

Sorry, but no information on bicycle transport

V. BaltiCCycle local bicycle rent and city tours in Vilnius

Bicycle rent:



Lithuanian / Lietuviskiai


Since June, 10th, 2008 you may get our LOCAL rental bikes (with 21 gears or 7 gear inner hub gears) in Vilnius in the bicycle shop "HAWAII EKSPRESS" in Vilnius old town, Vilniaus Str. 37, not far from the central Tourism Information Office.

The other most famous orientation point – usually everybody knows - is the cafe “Balti Drambliai” (White elefants)

Working hours: Mo-Fr.: 10-19, Sa.: 10-17, Su: 11-16

Handing out and collection of bicycles at other times is absolutely no problem (by agreement)

In the shop: UP TO 4 simple bicycles!!!



Frank'as Wurft, Mobile: (+370 699) 56009, Fax: (+370 5) 2784074

Short trips by bicycle and foot-


Discover the Secrets of Vilnius!
For us – the Cyclists of Vilnius – there is much more than “only the Old town”.
So join us on tours to the Soviet heritage, to wooden cabins and new scraper with glass façades, to the embassy of the Vatican – not eventually at the the bombastic baroque St. Peter and Pauls Church... And how much nature you may find within the city borders!

Our different view on the same city...
Vilnius from the 19th to the 21st centuries – just next to each other!

In July it will be also possible to book the city tours via Vilnius Tourism Information.

Ask for more!

The tours are starting with at least 2 participants – with your own bicycle or with a rental one (ca. 20 Euro p.P. for 4 hours)

  1. Free of charge in the web store on www.bicycle.lt/shop !!!

Sometimes I just find things....

So there is a section with free stuff on www.bicycle.lt/shop :


(Amound limited)

Because somebody has still to pay me the postage, you may add them for free to another (paid) order – or pick it up here.

Other orders will be ignored.

Totally for free you may still get the brochure „The Baltic States – by bicycle!“. A small overview on HOW and WHERE on 24 pages.

VII. More Info on more cycle tours !

Still travelling

Augustów - Vilnius - Riga - Augustów, 2008.06.27 - 2008.07.26

join them for parts of their trip!

ON this Polish trip there are also some foreigners:

Info and registration in English under http://www.bicycle.pl/content/view/186/220/

in Polnish: http://www.bicycle.pl/content/view/178/211/

Exotics? Go to a biycle tour in BELARUS (according to George W. Bush an “Evil state” at least...) www.eceat.nl/belarus.htm

Belarus Cycling expedition 2008 , 2nd edition: 1st of August – 1st of September 2008

Costs for participation for are 50 "breads" per day in case of <12 days, and 35 days in case of >12 days, all inclusive, whatever an average bread costs in your country!

pictures from 2007: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12463228@N07/show/

2008 07 26 bis 08 03

Cycle tour along the Lithuanian border (from Kaunas) to Vilnius.

... wilder conditions, worse roads ...

Bicycle Tour Kalvarija-Vilnius


Contact (in English)

Linas Vainius
Kauno Velomanų klubas

2008 07 from 08. to 20.

Dviračiu minu Lietuvos keliu“ - Per bicycle around Lithuania

Start Vilnius, 8th of July, early (ca. 4-5 am)

Route: Vilnius - Varėna - Druskininkai - Šakiai - Jurbarkas - Rusnė - Klaipėda - Skuodas - Seda - Žagarė - Pakruojis - Biržai - Stelmužė - Salakas - Švenčionys - Sariai - Pabradė - Vilnius.
Finish Vilnius, 20th of July, in the evening around 7 p.m.)
duration: 1
3 dienų
leading transport- by accord

participation FREE OF CHARGE

registration via E-Mail: lietuva@zygiai.eu

More Information ://lietuva.zygiai.eu/

Turistų klubas „Ilgas Kelias“

For all events look for the calendars on . www.dviratis.lt and www.bicycle.lt




Dat is it for t'day


NEW! :www.BaltiCCycle.eu

NEW!NEW!NEW! International bicycle rent: rent.bicycle.lt (just type in your web browser).

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