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The registration to the IV Olympic Expedition BaltiCCycle 2016 "From London to Rio de Janeiro" has started. The ride will last 171 days from February 17 till August 5. The Polish Olympic Committee third time granted his Honour Patronage to the expedition. More here.


BaltiCCycle 2015 expedition "Rolling Trolls" over! It engaged 24 participants: 14 Lithuanians, 5 Poles, 2 Americans, 2 Irish and 1 Scottish; 15 men and 9 women. The youngest was 15 years old, and the oldest 71. We had 2 new participants, and 10 veterans with more than 100 days of the BC experience. Our wheels circled 113 km on Faroe, and 2072 km on Iceland roads but only 6 participants cycled in both countries. Read more here.

2015-04-08 The registration to the BaltiCCycle 2015 ride "Rolling Trolls" is going on. To date, 13 participants from Lithuania, Ireland, Germany and Poland have registered.
2014-11-18 The registration to the BaltiCCycle 2015 ride "Morocco" has started. During the first day of registration 5 Lithuanians have signed. More about the ride here.